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Our Story

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I grew up in the countryside in Colombia surrounded by mountains. I can still remember my experience as a child visiting my uncle and aunt's home and playing with my cousins at the “cafetales” (Spanish for coffee plantation) which were part of their daily livelihoods. Vivid in my mind is the odour of the cafetal, the sweet flavour of coffee cherries, and the sound of coffee beans being dried and stirred on the ground under the sun (common practice back then), as well as the smell of freshly roasted coffee beans.

Colombian coffee is all about a great cup of coffee and a nice conversation, with nice latin music in the background to complement the atmosphere. It all comes together to bring a great coffee experience.

We work directly with farmers in Colombia. We cooperate with each other to trial and share best practises, to ensure the whole production process is sustainable, and the quality of the coffee is never compromised.